Introducing Tech Lab

At the start of 2019, the #10yearchallenge went viral across social media. It showed people sharing photos of themselves from 10 years ago next to a photo of themselves today - I would show you mine but I had embarrassingly long hair and ill-fitting ripped jeans.

It had us thinking how technology has changed in the last 10 years: The iPad didn't exist - tablets were archaic, clunky and slow technology that no one could imagine using. Google Chrome, Airbnb and Spotify had only launched as several months previously. And forget about Instagram and Snapchat, they wouldn't be invented for nearly another 2 years (at this point some of you are probably wondering if I'm making all this up).

More importantly, this challenge has us thinking about how technology will change our lives, in the next 10 years. Could 2029 be the year of flying cars and lightsabers? Probably not, but it's the job of the Tech Lab to find out.


The Tech Lab exists to support SAGE's goals of becoming the leading social science and the fastest growing STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) publisher in the world. It is currently made up of Ian Mulvany (Head of Transformation) and, me, Andy Hails (Senior Software Engineer). Our job is to see how emerging technology can support this by looking outside and researching upcoming trends. We will be working hard building workable prototypes, and demonstrating our findings regularly over the next few months via 'Show & Tells' and Blog posts and our GitHub account.


If you have any ideas that you think SAGE Publishing should explore then why not let us know and we might be able to build it. Submit your ideas here.  


Andy Hails and Ian Mulvany

Blog post written by Andy Hails